Art in the Time of Unbearable Crisis:
Women Writers Respond to the Call

Edited by Stefanie Raffelock
Foreword by Brooke Warner

Essay: Great Loves Among Great Losses by Lauren Wise

The World of Horror: A collective of adapted true, mythological and legendary tales for brave children and young adults

Short Story written by Lauren Wise: “The Evils of Voodoo”

The World of Horror is a short horror story collective for children and adults which features shocking, spooky, and grotesque artwork and monsters from around the world. This collective was assembled by (Reign of Vengeance/Rebirth) frontman Marshall Beck. It features story contributions and tales from Beck as well as many musicians and authors from different cultures around the world. Each different story utilizes a different culture’s monsters or boogeymen to tell shocking, mysterious, and interesting tales. Conjuring the old school nostalgic vibe many of us older Horror and Metalhead fans are familiar with from childhood… this collective is definitely nothing short of odd, interesting, fun, and entertaining.