Midnight Publishing

In 2009, Lauren felt the need to address a common discouraging issue with authors who approached her for editing. Many had experienced lackluster or disappointing results and relationships with a prior book editor or were overwhelmed on how to map out their journey into the book publishing landscape.

Midnight Publishing was born on the premise of providing authors a transparent look at the editing and publishing process, with a one-on-one, never automated author/editor relationship that ultimately makes the author a stronger writer, allowing a deep understanding of how edits strengthen their manuscript. Our priority is to create a manuscript as professional and polished as possible, while retaining our writers’ style and voice on the forefront, and to remember that sometimes editorial rules are meant to be broken. Along with a direct relationship to reliable, timely, easy-to-understand resources and professionals with industry expertise, our services also started to attract businesses looking for copyediting and copywriting to connect with their target audience by way of websites, brochures, training manuals, and more.

Based in Arizona, the company has provided creative, editorial, marketing, and consulting services to clients all over the United States. Collectively, Midnight Publishing has helped craft over 10 million words and 35+ award-winning books. Passionate about sharing our clients’ powerful, positive stories and messages with society, Lauren knows investing in your words is not to be taken lightly, so it’s vital for her to build a relationship, keep automation out of the picture, and be available outside of regular business hours—because creativity never sleeps.