I am an Arizona-based journalist, columnist, editor, and publishing consultant, regularly freelancing for a variety of publications, currently working for SparkPoint Studio’s two hybrid publishing imprints, and acting as CEO for Midnight Publishing, an editorial/publishing consultation company I founded in 2009.

My passion lies in telling the stories of peoples and places, and my work is versatile, both in terms of content and format. Over the last 12 years, my main area of expertise has been heavy metal, rock music, and the culture surrounding it, as well as book editing and publishing. However, I have experience writing in other sounds and subjects, including travel, music festivals (from The Big Four to Bonnaroo), food and wine, art, and culture. As an established interviewer, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with dozens of legendary artists, musicians, and public figures, such as Metallica, Alice Cooper and Peter Frampton; Iron Chef champion/Food Network star Chef Beau MacMillan; 9/11 Air Force One Pilot Mark Tillman; and H.R. Gilger Museum-featured artist (the first American) Vincent Castiglia.

I’ve written for regional, national and international publications, including Noisey/VICE, Phoenix magazine, LA Weekly, Phoenix New Times, Runway magazine, Arizona Bride, Affliction.com, Boxx Magazine, and Where Colorado. From investigative reporting and feature interviews, to roundups and reviews, to op/eds and public relations—I have experience in many areas.

I’ve been featured on radio stations for music analysis and criticism, television (most notably, a two-time judge on Heavy Metal Television’s VJ auditions and anchor for “The Cutting Edge of Metal”, a news broadcast), magazine articles, and industry blogs for expertise, most notably in the areas of music/heavy metal, editing, and book publishing. In 2015, my article “The 25th Anniversary of Pantera’s Cowboys From Hell and The Reason it Matters” was one of the highest-liked articles on the Phoenix New Times website, which has 1.4 unique monthly visitors.