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My product is the written word. For nearly 10 years I've worked as an Arizona-based professional writer and editor. It all began while studying at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, when a thesis I wrote analyzing Pink Floyd's "Money" prompted my Sociology professor to claim that rock 'n' roll does not pertain to society--a debate that quickly spread to the rest of the classroom. The result? A published piece in the campus newspaper, and a lesson learned that the best writing gets peoples' minds reeling and mouths talking.

My passion lies in telling the stories of peoples and places, and my work is versatile, both in terms of content and format. I’ve written for national and local publications, as well as online outlets. My client list includes Adrenaline PR, LA Weekly, Phoenix New Times,, Where magazine and Runway magazine, and key interviews include Alice Cooper, 311, Anthrax, Food Network celebrity chef Beau MacMillan, and Air Force One pilot Mark Tillman, who was on duty during 9/11.

The topics I’ve covered range from Arizona skydiving and Switzerland canyon jumping, to hosting a bourbon tasting and the favorite recipes of rock stars.

A large chunk of my portfolio consists of pieces focused on music, travel, culture, fashion, food and wine. One of my ongoing projects is a weekly hard rock and heavy metal column at the Phoenix New Times, the fifth largest alt-weekly publication in the country, where I also contribute regular concert reviews and feature musician interviews.   

However, I also thrive on the less loud things in life--such as pieces on local farmers, non-profits, road trips and book reviews.

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